Rückblick: PK #58 "Order Connection Order"


PILOTENKUECHE #58 – International group exhibition

Order Connection Order 

Vernissage: Sat 17 Feb 7-10 PM
Open: Sun 18, Fri 23 – Sun 25 4-8PM

Forces of order shape our lives. Reason, logic, and predictability regulate every facet of contemporary urban experience. Sophisticated algorithms generate the content that we regularly encounter on screens. With each tick of the clock, we are reminded where we ought to be and what we ought to be doing. And yet, just beneath this veneer of rationality, lies a labyrinth of chaos, sensuality, and imperfection, constrained but never fully eradicated.
Even as they improve our standard of living, technology and hierarchy can also divide us, resulting in detachment and isolation. If humans are by nature social animals, what happens to us when we embrace principles of order? Do we become less human… or more?
This exhibition features new works of art by eleven international artists who destabilize the discontinuity between control and havoc. Collectively, they have seized the opportunity to subvert self-imposed rules by expanding their artistic practices. Meaningful connections are forged in the most unlikely places, as viewers encounter diverse works of art that interrogate the significance of order in our everyday lives. The outcome is a complex display that strikes a delicate and provocative balance between opposites such as structure and disarray, harmony and dissonance, preparation and chance.

Curators Raffaella Matrone and Natalie McCann

Ale (BR)
Bram Engelaar (NL)
Seth Birch (US)
Ai Huang (CN)
Eunjin kim (KR)
Saverio Bonelli (IT)
Nora Neagoe(RO/UK)
Léonie von Saldern (DE)
Aya Ando (JP)
Dagmar Zehnel (DE)
Tianxu Liu (CN)

Raffaella Matrone (IT/UK)
Natalie McCann (US)
Margot Lallier (FR)
Kintija Avena (LV)
Boram Choi (KR)
Jonas Lamoliatte (FR)

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