Rückblick: PLEASURE SEED – PILOTENKUECHE – International Group Exhibition – Round 53


PLEASURE SEED – PILOTENKUECHE – International Group Exhibition – Round 53

18. 12. - 20. 12.2022 4 - 8 pm open
Vernissage: 17.12 / 7 - 10 pm

Article 8: The nation of plants recognises and encourages mutual support between natural communities of living beings as a means of coexistence and progress” Stefano Mancuso in his book "The Nation of Plants" explains in this way the thesis of Pyotr Alekseevič Kropotkin, who argued, based on examples from natural history, that it was cooperation, 'mutual support', and not competition that determined the success of species, thus identifying the ability of individuals to cooperate as the true engine of evolution. Life would thus not have taken control of the globe through combat, but through cooperation, interaction and mutual dependence between living organisms.
It is precisely on cooperation that the Pleasure Seed project wants to take root, creating an environment of circular energy exchange. Reflecting on seeds is a way to take care of the future. Pleasure Seed is the synesthesia that you need.

Curators Claudia Caletti and Mary Osaretin Omoregie

Katuma (UA)
Mackenzie Perras (CA)
Leanne Finnegan (IR)
Tina Diomina (UA)
Nari Jo (KO)
Tseng Yu Chin (NL)
Rachael Thorleifson (CA)
Chang Wang (CN)
Sofia Fresia (IT)
Jiaq Xu (CN)
Rundong Zhao (CN)
Local Participants:
Florian Schurz (DE)
Lisa Wölfel (DE)
Curatorial team:
Claudia Caletti (IT)
Mary Osaretin Omoregie (NG)
International Interns:
Julia Polo (SP)
Antonia Glaser (US)

Exhibition impressions

Katerina Pokora: Moment of silence

Kateryna Pokora: Moment of silence

von li: Nari Jo: Ello 2022; Valentina Diomina: Whisper; Lisa Wölfel: Der Schwimmer

Katerina Pokora: Moment of silence
von li: Sofia Fresia: Comfort Zone; Mackenzie Perras: Ecstatic gifts
Tseng Yu Chin: down the river

Leanne Finnigan: Made in plastic, with love

Big thanks to all who contributed to the success of the exhibition.